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Roslyn Greenvale Veterinary Group provides full service on-site boarding for your pets. Because we are an animal hospital that also provides pet boarding, we are able to monitor your pet closely for any medical problems that may arise while you are away and provide appropriate treatment as necessary. We also offer medicating services and treatments that traditional boarding facilities may not be able to provide.

When you check in for boarding, you will be asked to fill out our Boarding Check-In Form. You can download and print this form from home and have it ready when you arrive to drop off your pet.


The required yearly vaccinations for boarding include Feline Distemper and Rabies for cats, and Distemper/Parvovirus (vaccine or up-to-date titer), Rabies, and Leptospirosis for dogs. In addition, we require a fecal examination and Bordatella vaccination every 6 months for dogs to board at our hospital facility. If your pet is not current on vaccinations we will provide this service for you on the day of check-in for an additional charge.


How often will my dog be let outside?

Dogs are brought outside at least 3 times each day. If your pet requires special care or more frequent access to our yard due to a medical condition, please let us know prior to your pets stay with us and additional arrangements will be made.

Do I need to bring my pet's own food?

We have canned and dry food for both cats and dogs. If your pet is a picky eater, is on a special prescription diet, or if you prefer your pet to continue on its own food, we ask that you bring enough of your pet's food with them for the duration of their stay with us. Your pet will be fed once or twice daily as per your instructions.

Can my pet have it's own bed, toys, treats, etc.?

We provide towels or blankets for all pets. Toys and treats are welcome, however we are not responsible for toys that are lost, soiled or destroyed by your pet. We ask that you take your pet's collar and leash or carrier home with you after drop off, and bring it back with you at the time of pick up from boarding.

Should I bring my pet's medications?

Please provide any medication required by your pet and we will administer it on schedule for an additional fee per day.

When can I drop off or pick up my pet?

Your pet can be dropped off or picked up whenever the hospital is open. It will be a smoother transition if you arrive 15-30 minutes after opening (8 am) or before closing (8 pm weekdays, 5 pm Saturday & Sunday). Please be aware that the hospital is closed for pet pick-up or drop off at 1 pm on all major holidays. 

Can my pet have a bath while boarding?

If you would like your pet to be bathed for an additional fee prior to pick up, we ask that you make that request at the time of drop off. Dogs picked up in the morning will be bathed the evening before pick up, and dogs picked up in the afternoon will be bathed the morning of pick up. Cats are generally not bathed, however a cat bath can be done by special request if your cat tolerates bathing or if you approve sedation for the bath at an additional cost. A bath is suggested for any dog staying for a week or longer.

Holidays and school vacation weeks fill up fast, so call Roslyn Greenvale Veterinary Group at 516-621-4010 to secure your boarding reservation today!

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