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Regular grooming is essential for the maintenance of a pet in good health. At the Roslyn Greenvale Veterinary Group, grooming is performed by a trained groomer whose experience and expertise extends to all sizes and breeds of dogs. A professional pet groomer is trained to recognize the early signs of physical problems. Through the grooming process, a pet is thoroughly cleaned and examined. Any abnormalities are noted and promptly reported to the pet owner.

Good grooming and hygiene is important to your pet's health. Dirty ears, toenails that are too long, hair in the eyes, and dirty skin can cause many health problems.

Regular grooming can prevent these problems and identify others such as:

  • excessive shedding
  • torn/broken toenails
  • painful hair mats
  • skin and paw disorders/infections
  • ear infections
  • anal gland infections
  • fleas and ticks or even lice
  • lumps or bumps that might go unnoticed without the extra attention

Roslyn Greenvale Veterinary Group offers professional grooming services daily every Wednesday - Saturday each week.

Your pet can be dropped off as early as 8:00 a.m. and picked up as late as 7:45 p.m. during the week. Saturday your pet can be dropped off as early as 8:00 a.m. and picked up as late as 4:45 p.m.

Your pet will be kept in a safe, friendly atmosphere and never exposed to unvaccinated animals. To ensure your pet’s safety, we require all pets to be vaccinated prior to being admitted for grooming. If your pet is not up to date on vaccines, one of our Doctors would be happy to examine your pet and administer the vaccinations during your pet's grooming appointment for an additional charge.

Because our grooming facility is a part of our veterinary hospital, you can rest assured that, should any medical emergency arise while your pet is with us, he or she will have immediate access to our professional veterinary staff.

Regular bath: Improves the pet's physical comfort by removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin and shedding hair and the resulting bad pet odors.


Medicated bath:
Used only when prescribed to specifically treat skin conditions such as bacterial or yeast overgrowth, seborrhea or even to remove parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Hair cutting: Always done with your consultation so the length and style is exactly what you are looking for. From the puppy cut, to the true breed standard, and everything in between!

Nail trim:
Prevents a painful condition where the nerve and blood supply extends into long, overgrown nails. Also prevents damage to carpets and hardwood floors, torn toenails, nail overgrowth into the foot pads and eventual foot crippling.

Ear cleaning/hair plucking: Discourages parasites (ear mites) and bacterial or yeast overgrowth which can lead to painful infections and even loss of hearing.

Anal gland expression: Prevents the build up of material and potential infection or abscessation of the anal sacs.

Teeth Brushing: (Upon request for an additional charge) Helps to give your pet fresh breath after a day at the spa!
This does not replace professional cleaning under anesthesia by our trained staff, and will not remove large amounts of tartar and calculus build-up.

Please call the Roslyn Greenvale Veterinary Group at 516-621-4010 to schedule your pet's next grooming appointment with Nancy today!

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